lunes, 15 de agosto de 2016

Nodding dumbly.

This gives my soul the closure that I never got from you. 
I can now have something to remember you forever. 
Something that will live up to remind me that you
are not the mirage I see in my dreams, every
now and then. (Night and day)

I can now reach out and touch you.
I can pay devotion to the miracle of love,
the illusion of waking every morning to think of you.
And you must think I
 am a piece of trash for talking about you
and everything I so often question about myself.

I just don't stop feeling like I
haven't forgot my shivering skin, just can't.
I close my eyes and let
feel flooded by the idea of your white skin and how your life will go.

This represents some closure for me.
And ever so ironically it's a stolen freedom.
Taken like the sun taken by a plant:
Something that belonged with me, completely.


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