viernes, 22 de julio de 2016

I miss you too.

I was left floating in  the air on a smooth cloud of morphine, after you kissed me. I ran dramatically like a crazy person, and rid the bus with a smile, one I couldn't take off of my face during the whole way. There were so many words stuck in my head.. but when you are in front of me, I turn into a bag of nerves and I am incapable of formulating coherent sentences. So I didn't say a coherent phrase when I answered "Me too, I missed you so much I can't explain". We hugged and the smell of your clean pale and always fresh skin, invaded me like a cool but warm mist. I never felt so intensely the presence of someone else. A true connection between two minds can never be denied. I will always choose happiness over interest. That's what I think will guide me to knowledge and a real life experience, the realest of them all. Only love will guide us to secure grounds, and as I said before I love you. Or that's what this trembling knees of mine suggest when I am close to you. Maybe I do, maybe I should follow up this path, I should trust my gut instinct and fight myself to give us a chance. The chance of being happy.